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FUSION Martial Arts Club (FMAC) is singularly different than any commercial oriented Karate School or MMA Gym. Several aspects set us apart:  we do not operate for profit, we teach only adult students, we are by far the cleanest and safest facility available, and we limit membership to 12 students.    In addition, our instructors are well educated – both in the Martial Arts, and academically.  

The philosophy of FMAC is to maintain and respect the traditions and principles of the past while also teaching a progressive curriculum consisting of the most modern and dynamic technique.  The range and scope of Martial Arts you will learn is unmatched anywhere! The content of the FMAC curriculum is uniquely designed for adult students.  Our methodology of instruction provides training in the most effective, street proven self-defense skills, while maintaining optimum student safety.  Our style of Martial Arts, is unique because it stresses striking, grappling, weapons, and scenario based self-defense.  You are guaranteed to attain your training goals in an intensive, challenging - yet fun  and safe environment.

Okay;  so it will be fun, safe, and effective - and will enhance your health and lifestyle!  So, what is holding you back?  It takes incredible courage to begin Martial Arts training and step on the mat for the first time.  However, you will find the benefits of training are cumulative; and once you begin to feel yourself progressing, you will begin craving each opportunity to train!

If you are visiting this site, then you are interested in the study of Martial Arts  - so, call Fusion Martial Arts Club at (865) 247-1175 or e-mail us at:  today!  When you consider the decision whether to begin training or not; consider this: "You have 100% chance of failure if you don't even try!"