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Our Program will change your view of Martial Arts!

​Progressive Martial Arts is dedicated to teaching students of all ages in a highly effective yet very safe environment.  The curriculum is based on teaching methods that make it easy for people from all walks of life to succeed in the martial arts.  Even if you have no prior experience, you will find yourself learning on the first day, and leaving with a sense of accomplishment. We teach a modern and broad-based spectrum of self-defense, yet continue to hold the values and methods proven over centuries of martial arts tradition.   Are you someone who always wanted to learn martial arts but was hesitant to start something new?  Were you a practitioner of the martial arts when you were younger, and want to return?  Perhaps you would like to train in the martial arts but have safety or injury concerns or feel you are out of shape.  There are many reasons adults are reluctant to begin or restart martial arts training.  However, Progressive Martial Arts Academy will quickly alleviate any of those concerns and you will quickly begin seeing and feeling the benefits adult oriented training can provide.


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Formerly Fusion Martial Arts Club, Progressive Martial Arts Academy has expanded the programs available at this state of the art academy,  specifically designed to maximize training for adults, and now children too! It is still the same family of martial artists - the Corrigan family. 


Much of our martial arts training is greatly enhanced through the use of a variety of equipment. We also live by a strict set of standards in maintaining the safety, cleanliness and sanitary condition of our training mat and the entire facility.

Martial Arts Knoxville
Martial Arts Knoxville
Martial Arts Knoxville

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