Group classes are dynamic, challenging, interesting, and most of all...FUN!  Classes normally begin with some type of functional warm-up.  During this time, students engage in aerobically based movement that features the same body mechanics required in martial arts training.  ​ Once students are adequately “loosened up,” group class will focus on one or two specific aspects of the FUSION curriculum.  These include:


Speed & Agility


Speed and agility training may include kickboxing drills, work with weapons from the Filipino martial arts, or specific evasive movement.



Striking and Kicking


Striking and kicking practice and drills are essential elements of all martial arts. Specific drills using the focus pads, kicking shields, or other pieces of equipment will help coordination, build upper and lower body strength and greatly increase stamina. Students may work on previously learned skills, or be introduced to a new method of kicking or striking based on our wide range of inclusive styles.



Self-Defense & Counter Aggression


Students learn the essential skills necessary to deal with both physical and verbal aggression. The FUSION focus is real world self-defense training. You will learn proven techniques that include defenses against punches, kicks, grabs, chokes, and weapons.   Self-defense is an integral part of group class, and teaches students the movements and reactions necessary to overcome any aggressive situation.


Cerebral Self Defense


A martial art consists of more than physical movement, it is also a mental mindset.  Students are taught how to evaluate aggressive behavior.  They also learn to deal with overpowering personalities, and to become empowered by their knowledge of self-defense.  This aspect of training directly transfers to daily life when dealing with any stressful situation or overpowering circumstances.


All of the Martial Arts taught in our dynamic group classes are also available on a private or semi-private basis. Whether your interest is in private one-on-one instruction, training with a friend, family training, or a group of friends who want to learn specific skills - we can create a training program for you!


Short on time, and want to quickly learn self defense with a great physical workout? Then our Phase Total Defense System (Phase TDS) is one of the best ways to start your journey through the martial arts.  

Because the objective of the Phase TDS is to very quickly empower students with self defense skills, classes teach only the functional aspects of selected martial arts systems. There are 3 Phases to the TDS program, each lasting approximately 6 months depending on the student. FUSION also offers a 4th Phase which is an entire review of the three learning modules.  

Using the Filipino Martial Arts and Kickboxing as the core structure of the class and Jeet Kune Do as the philosophical basis to develop attributes, PHASE offers the student an opportunity to experience and train with a variety of drills, techniques, and principles. To address each aspect of training, FUSION integrates the following mar­tial arts in the Phase program:

  • Jeet Kune Do or "way of the intercepting fist" - was developed by Bruce Lee and is a modern form of Chinese/American "Gung Fu/Kickboxing". Although Jeet Kune Do's primarily influences are Wing Chun, Western Fencing and Western Box­ing - JKD is more accurately described as "Bruce Lee's Martial Art". JKD is primar­ily a striking art that is "simple, direct and non classical.”


  • Eskrima - is a Filipino Art based on the use of the blade, stick and empty-hand. The form of Eskrima taught at the academy incorporates Single and Double Stick, Staff, Palm Stick and Dagger training. The empty hand side of the art in­cludes; close quarter trapping, sensitivity, reflex training, joint locking, groundwork, Panantukan (boxing), Pananjakman (kicking), and Kino Mutai (biting and pinching).


  • Kickboxing - various forms of Kickboxing and Boxing are integrated into every aspect of training, and are continuously taught. The PHASE philosophy is that a sound foundation in Boxing skills is absolutely necessary for any other progress. This program utilizes techniques from American Rules Kickboxing, Jun Fan Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Savate, San Shou, and Western Boxing.


  • GRACIE Jiu Jitsu - is  a grappling system that consists of sensitivity in flowing from position to position.  Escapes, take-downs, throws, locks and ground fighting are just a few of the areas integrated into the PHASE grappling aspect.

Other Arts Available as Private and Semi Private Classes:

FUSION Instructors are also fully certified to teach Chinese Kenpo, GRACIE Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, and Filipino Eskrima.  Any group, private, or semi private student can request training specifically in these arts either to broaden their knowledge, or to study for the achievement of rank and certification.

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