The FUSION logo says it all!  Here, you will learn the most important and effective aspects from multiple martial arts disciplines.  The curriculum is organized in a manner so every student quickly becomes proficient in the art and science of self defense.

The FUSION Martial Arts ADULT Program puts it all together! Learn a comprehensive, and integrated approach to empty hands, edged & blunt weapons, close range defense and ground combatives!


FUSION Martial Arts Club is Knoxville’s only training academy exclusively for adults.  As an FMA student, you’ll join the ranks of many enthusiasts and professionals who want to add martial arts skills to their lifestyle.


Our goal is to enable adult students of any age to become proficient in all ranges of self-defense.  Here, you will learn and master skills against single or multiple opponents, versus weapons related attacks, standing or on the ground, and in a variety of day to day environments. In fact, the FMA curriculum has been the choice for many professional educators, Olympic level athletes, homemakers, military members, professional fitness instructors, physicians, business professionals, federal and local law enforcement officers, and many others with very diverse backgrounds.


We don’t believe that the limitations of any single martial art style should limit the range of a student’s abilities or the scope of their training!


The FUSION “ADULT” program is a method that blends the most effective “street” oriented martial arts from around the world into a very comprehensive and personalized system. The curriculum fully integrates the concepts and technique from 5 primary arts or methods including; Kickboxing (several methods), Chinese/Hawaiian Kenpo, Filipino Eskrima (empty hands & weapons), Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Jeet Kune Do.  


The key to the FUSION curriculum is recognizing and overcoming the fact that each of the great martial arts systems tend to be limited by a specific focus and paradigm.  For example; Jiu Jitsu assumes that combat will be ground based, kickboxing focuses on long to mid-range standing combatives, and Kenpo on close range tactics. 


Using the concepts taught in Jeet Kune Do, our unique curriculum identifies the logical parts of each specific art that will interconnect with the other arts.  This develops a method of training that allows a student to study the most effective aspects of all five arts simultaneously, without being limited by the scope or assumptions of one single martial arts system.  The result is a unique and extremely functional method of training that allows students to become fully capable in all characteristics and ranges of combat - absent of any limitations.  Keep this in mind:  you won’t just learn small aspects of our 5 selected systems; you will learn each one in great detail along with the way to put them all together in a manner that allows you to transition from one to the other - depending on the circumstances!


Adults should learn an adult curriculum, be treated like adults, and train with other adults in a safe environment!


The ADULT program is entirely geared toward adult students, and is not designed for sportive competition.  We realize that all individuals are different, and excel at different times in different aspects of their training.  As such, no student is compared to another to measure progress.  Instead, each individual is measured against their personal starting point.  Your age, weight, gender or experience have very little to do with the amount of progress and success you can achieve at FMA. The ONLY limitation is your willingness to try.


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